Government Affairs

Now, more than ever, business and industry, trade and professional associations and governmental entities must incorporate public affairs strategies into their daily routines in order to navigate the complex and ever-changing governmental landscape.

At All Phase Consulting we understand every client situation is unique.  It may seem otherwise, but it would be a mistake to assume that something that worked for one client will work for another in exactly the same way. Whether your goal is to grow your business, have a voice in government and the legislative or regulatory process, or increase revenues of your major fundraising campaign, All Phase is at the ready position to deliver on your goals.

All Phase offers an array of service areas with a focus on strategic planning and governmental affairs lobbying and consulting along with a variety of political and public relations clients. Strategic planning and consulting for both corporate and political leaders are areas where All Phase has found success for their clients year after year. From the Executive Branch to the Legislature, All Phase Consulting has a proven track record of implementing a plan for their clients' needs and succeeding in meeting their goals.

Services include:

  • Legislative lobbying
  • Administrative lobbying
  • Strategy development
  • Public policy consulting
  • Assistance with state agency and municipal contacts
  • Assistance with federal and interstate contacts
  • Grass roots strategy, advocacy and constituency development
  • Crisis management
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